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Meagan Good (Code Black), Grammy (R) Award winner Kelly Rowland (Empire), Grammy nominee Keri Hilson (Think Like a Man) and Kellee Stewart (The Soul Man) portray friends looking for love in the Lifetime Original Movie, LOVE BY THE 10TH DATE, premiering January 28 at 8pm ET/PT.

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Following the movie, Lifetime premieres the one hour after show special, XXX at 10pm ET/PT.

There is not much that I find more valuable or more important than finding the love of your life. Once you feel that you've had enough “me time,” you always hop back on the wagon — you can't give up on finding the love of your life. All you want to do is enjoy your life and make less-than-ideal decisions.

They can be hurt countless times and, nevertheless, they always come back for second servings. Over the years, however, you learn a lot — both about yourself and what it is you're looking for in a partner. Every woman is a princess and every man is a hero — our world is far different from that of any Disney movie.

The names might start to sound familiar, but you'd be hard-pressed to pick most of Britney Spears' boyfriends out of a lineup. But over the course of her now almost 20 years of superstardom, the pop princess has never dated like a diva—unless you count the fact that she invariably ensures, whether purposely or not, that her career isn't going to have to meet anyone else's half way.

When she feels like going to Hawaii or watching her sons' soccer games or running out to the market, or if she needs a date to a red carpet event—whomever she's dating usually looks more than happy to be that guy.