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As the counter-argument laid out at Less Than 500 Words concludes, Squier’s downfall may not have been caused by anything more than simple audience burnout — the same thing that’s killed the vast majority of recording careers for about as long as we’ve had recorded sound.

While it’s probably true that video killed a certain type of radio star (Christopher Cross, we hardly knew ye), it’s unfair to pin Squier’s fast fade on rock fans deserting him after suddenly believing he was gay. If you want to get really dramatic, you could say the guy crippled me.” Ortega, for whatever it’s worth, rebuts Squier’s argument.

He took lessons from his grandfather for two years.

After he stopped taking piano lessons, he became interested in guitar and bought one from a neighbor for .

Indeed, when he rose to fame in the early 1980s on the strength of “The Stroke,” his mega-hit ode to glad-handing record executives, Squier had something for every fan of hard-edged melodic rock and roll; girls dug his hair and sensitive-guy balladry, while guys were into his badass guitar tones and the heavy rock riffs that garnered comparisons to acts like Led Zeppelin. One night only: Friday, September 1, 2017 Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY Tickets on sale May 8 will explore his catalog and musical roots through performances and conversation with fellow guitarist GE Smith in an up close and personal setting.October 14, 2016 "Take me for a trip upon your magic swirling ship..." There are songwriters, there are lyricists, there are poets..then there's BOB DYLAN, who yesterday won the Nobel Prize for Literature "..the jingle jangle mornin' I'll come followin' you" WOW August 22, 2016 8/15: backstage with singer / songwriter / guitarist-extraordinaire Richard Thompson at Westbury.Before becoming a solo superstar, Billy Squier had done time in Piper, a Cheap Trick-like 1970s band that split the difference between hard rock and power pop. "Don't Say No" - CD Bonus tracks (30th Anniversary Edition) "My Kinda Lover" (Live 2009) "The Stroke" (Live 2009) March 11, 2016 Ben Edmonds, my lifelong friend and musical comrade-in-arms, passed away today, after battling pancreatic cancer for the past year.Some of that sensibility still informs his second solo album and mainstream breakthrough, Don't Say No. Our friendship began in Wellesley high school, and took us to New York City and Detroit, London and LA..points in-between.In 1980 he signed with Capitol Records to release his solo debut.