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While this is no confirmation of the show's future, it's almost impossible to think that AMC wouldn't let it run for as long as producers wanted considering its status as one of the most-watched TV shows across the globe.
It’s no wonder we habitually grab our phones first thing in the morning, not only to turn off our alarms, but also to check email and social media in a half-conscious state of sleep inertia before our groggy eyes can fully open.

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If you happen to be driving around and see a truck that looks like a bank truck, steal it.There are two cool things about this truck, first you cannot gain stars.We already know that the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V will be playable from a first-person perspective.What we didn't know, or at least hadn't actually considered until now, is that that means players will also be able to experience first-person sex scenes.His mother, Milica Bellic, was unhappy that her son grew up in such a harsh place.In a conversation with Patrick Mc Reary, Niko reveals that he had a brother who died during the Bosnian War.

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Niko is the younger cousin of Roman Bellic and the son of Milica Bellic. It was implied that his father was an abusive alcoholic.

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Welches Programm die studentischen Kulturgruppen an der UR für Herbst und Winter geplant haben, darüber gibt der neu erschienene Spielplan für Oktober bis Dezember 2017 Auskunft.

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