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Ultimately, we found that Plentyoffish had lots of potential but unfortunately left most users disappointed due to certain flaws.

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For some people life isnt as perfect as you plan it to be in your mind. I wont live with him & when I find a man im happy with I wont hesitate to fall in love… I jumped on live camera a few times by myself to show off as I knew my ex would be watching & I was upset at the time.. A few guys wanted me to make them some custom porn videos so.. Im not that superficial so they don’t need to look like the hottest guy on the planet it just makes me escape and I think what a different life would be like. guys imagine you could play with yourself all day.. I really think alot of people live lives according to what they think others will accept.

I guess that’s why I play alot of online gaming its an escape from reality. That being said a girl loves being spoiled & I have really appreciated everyone who has shown me generosity it definitely sets them apart from the rest.

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I have had some very rich guys contact me online but its also not money im after im happy to just be me.

Home Ground and Kate Bush are thrilled to confirm the details of the 2017 party: This year’s event takes place on Friday 22nd September and once again, will be at the award-winning Royal Vauxhall Tavern in Vauxhall, London, SE1.

Hey guys I thought id create my first post about my personal life. For as long as I can remember I have always fantasized about someone watching me touch myself or watching me have sex. I have very big boobs and I most guys are just disrespectful in clubs so I don’t go out much.

Il keep my first post brief as im still working on the website, streaming on Twitch, working as a part time assistant in accounting, studying in accounting and also as you may know I make custom adult videos. It was no longer then a year until I had told my ex of my fantasy. I actually thought at the time it was my ex’s friends.. Now days although I don’t think of him the same I still use him in custom videos as I don’t think it would be safe for me to see other “pornstars” for my videos and they would probably want to be paid being professionals and all. I think il eventually meet someone that appreciates me & until then il keep myself clean & out of trouble. Well I was contacted recently by a big porn company who will go unnamed but I just couldn’t sleep around like that. Just email me for a high speed dropbox link to the HD video & email me or you can get them direct from Many Vids.

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