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Apple often names its products like that, using “Early” and “Late” to identify models. Just click the  Apple menu and choose About this Mac.

You’ll see a window with information about your computer.

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If your Mac can run OS X Mountain Lion then it should run Mavericks, and in its announcement today, Apple reiterated this includes the mid-2007 i Mac, Mac Book Airs from late-2008, and the Mac Mini from early 2009.The utility you use to perform the backup isn't that important; what's important is having a current backup of your system and user data before you start the upgrade to Lion.My personal choice is to have a current Time Machine backup and a clone of the current boot volume.Also keep in mind the App Store will check for system compatibility, so if you can download it to your system without error, then it should install just fine.Next, ensure your system is not experiencing any major problems, which include regular freezes or crashes of applications or the entire system, or the inability to log in to a user account, enable sharing services, or establish hardware connections to peripheral devices or networks.Sometimes these can indicate hardware problems, but otherwise may suggest software configuration errors that may migrate with the system during the upgrade.